Welcome to Be Kind Clothing!

It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves. We are Be Kind Clothing. We are a new merchandise company based in Tacoma Washington that has been created in 2019 to make people smile.

Our mission is to produce colorful printed merchandise to brighten everyone's day.

The concept behind Be Kind Clothing was in development back in 2018. Initially, the idea was to create a healing crystal and homemade jewelry Etsy store called Be Kind Crystals. Healing crystals are something we are very passionate about, after finding they truly can be tremendously beneficial. We wanted to share these experiences and help others enjoy the benefits. 

From there inspiration struck and we wanted to spread the love in other areas.

The idea of the Be Kind brand has grown from there. It is early days for us but we have a real passion for what we are doing and we plan to grow. We also want to find ways of giving back... Moving forward. Watch this space.

We hope you are enjoying our first run of designs. More will be coming soon!

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